2021 Grants

The Arts

The Cedar Cultural Center
To support The Cedar Public Access Channel, an online content stream that provides a platform for artists to present independently-produced, low-cost, and inspiring content that is unique to each artist’s voice. The program provides employment for artists, audio professionals, and videographers at a time when most of their work has been taken away by the pandemic. It also offers audiences high quality music experiences at a critical moment when music is needed most.



Fresh Energy
To support Fresh Energy’s work in speeding the transition to a clean energy economy.



Children & Youth

Tree Trust
To support Tree Trust’s Community Forestry program that organizes efforts to increase the urban tree canopy through community and school- based volunteer plantings, municipal tree distributions and other special forestry initiatives.




Casa de Esperanza
To support Casa de Esperanza’s Family Advocacy Initiative. For 38 years, Casa de Esperanza has served a highly underserved and historically marginalized population in culturally relevant ways that has translated to greater safety, community connectedness, and self-sufficiency for Latin@s who experience domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking.